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Orodruin - Epicurean Mass (8,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: PsycheDOOMelic Records
Playing time: 49:18
Band homepage: Orodruin


  1. The Welcoming
  2. Peasants Lament
  3. Melancholia
  4. Pierced By Cruel Winds
  5. Unspeakable Truth
  6. Burn The Witch
  7. War Cry
  8. Epicurean Mass
Orodruin - Epicurean Mass
"Heavier Than Hell" that was once a culty song of THRUST, a culty 80s band from America. But they haven't something to do with ORODRUIN in a stylistical view. But the Doom Metal of ORODRUIN is truly heavier than hell and pushes and presses through your speakers that you might be frightened. The band also doesn't stop for psychedelic hypnoparts, they partly sound like they would be stoned! BLACK SABBATH gets tribute, of course, because they are the unmatched godfathers of that music! Give credit where credit is due!

ORODRUIN are outstanding of the mass of doomy releases! Their songs have an indescribable flair, which combines the best moments of TROUBLE, CATHEDRAL and SAINT VITUS. Of course, the whole thing seems to be very stressful and possibly boring for not-Doomers. That's not really comprehensible for me because there's nearly no style in Hard Rock, which is so emotional like the classical Doom Metal. They offer an ocean full of feelings, mostly of a more gloomy nature, but so it has to be! Who is depressed by such lavasounds, shall listen to its DJ-BOBO Metalacts from Italy.

Besides the last genre highlights like VOODOOSHOCK, KRUX, THUNDERSTORM or LAST CHAPTER, this is another must for every Doom freak! Buy or be doomed forever! (Online June 5, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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