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Solemnity - King Of Dreams (9/10) - Germany - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Remedy Records
Playing time: 66:06
Band homepage: Solemnity


  1. Fire In Mainstreamland
  2. Kill The Majesty
  3. The Ninth Gate
  4. King Of Dreams
  5. Vampire's Dance
  6. Spirits Of The Dead
  7. In Dubio Pro Sathanas
  8. Heart Of A Raven
Solemnity - King Of Dreams
The second album of the German Power Metal hopefuls SOLEMNITY is a strong improvement to their as well pretty good debut "Reign In Hell", the sound as well as the vocals. But who's expecting the typical German Melodic Metal record should listen now because SOLEMNITY have absolutely nothing to do with the Teutonic Metal of the more bombastic kind.

Their thing is the US-Metal, namely the more unconventional acts. Their preferences for obscure bands like CIRITH UNGOL or MANILLA ROAD can't be denied. Latter are even covered with "Spirit Of The Dead", a song of the unterrated "Mystification" album. The SOLEMNITY version kicks ass! But also their own compositions have a strange atmosphere, which is mainly caused by the weird timbre of singer Sven The Axe. They have all of the Heavy Metal art. Sometimes they just gallop, sometimes it's more balladish, sometimes just jaunty but always pretty epic!

Just the opener "Fire In Mainstreamland" shows perfectly the attitude of the band. Just read the following citation of their lyrics: "crucify those pop-acts and rape this bloody whores - no angels, bro-sis, britney hell was created for" or "Rap'n Core the trashcan is for, hip hop and pop is nothing but a flop". That's fine, isn't it? Another factor is the immense power, they unleash. I can't have enough of their wonderful leads, the energetic drumming and their strange but individual vocals. Hello SOLEMNITY, you are the best newcomers from Germany at the moment, that's something you can be proud of! Some will see this in another view but "King Of Dreams" is an impressive Metal work, which shouldn't be missed! First class is furthermore the package with the extravagant DigiPak and the fantastic Ken Kelly cover - so outside and inside perfect! (Online June 6, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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