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Genocide Superstars - Superstar Destroyer (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2003

Genre: Punkcore
Label: Relapse Records
Playing time: 35:31
Band homepage: -


  1. The Hateball Is Rolling
  2. Destroyer Of Worlds
  3. Moro II
  4. Final Descent
  5. Hatestomp
  6. Stairsweeper
  7. Air - A Prelude To Hell
  8. Superstar Destroyer
  9. Danger Danger
  10. Superstar Confession
  11. In Misery Embraced
  12. Like Roadkill
  13. Warchild
  14. Outlaw Song
Genocide Superstars - Superstar Destroyer
Before beginning to tell you about "Superstar Destroyer", let's be clear from the beginning: if you're not a Punk, or if you don't have a Rock'n'Roll spirit, and by that I mean, if you don't have the 'Fuck Off Attitude', then this record is not made for you, and you should check some other reviews.

Now that this is said, GENOCIDE SUPERSTARS play old-school Rock/Punkcore, and you can find here three main elements: some MÖTÖRHEAD, some Punk à la HELLACOPTERS and co, and some kind of Thrash/Hardcore, just like you can find on SLAYER's "Undisputed Attitude". There are also some slight touches of grind or Oï! So it's then quite peachy and positive, it will make you feel like headbanging like fuck, that while drinking beers and singing along with Mieszko from NASUM, who's none other than the singer.

So the guys playing aren't bad at all, and those cunts have the gift to write and play only hits, which makes of "Superstar Destroyer" a must in that genre! Perfect for the summer at beach while getting a few ones down your stomach… (Online June 7, 2003)

Thomas Bonnicel

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