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Sepsism - To Prevail In Disgust (2/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Displeased Records
Playing time: 35:14
Band homepage: Sepsism


  1. Concealed In Flesh
  2. Soiled With Corruption
  3. Bitter End
  4. Festering Within
  5. Advanced Mental Collapse
  6. Morbid Consumption
  7. Torn From Innocence
  8. Deadly Enigma
  9. Hideous Deformity
  10. Beyond Insanity
Sepsism - To Prevail In Disgust
Here we have another of those CDs, where for sure nobody tried to punch the other one to be able to review it. So I got it. Okay, got no problem with this - I do not know fear, but with SEPSISM you could start to become afraid. Afraid that the album would never end…

The Californians play exactly the kind of Death Metal that I do not like. Especially those gargling vocals a la SUFFOCATION are right off my alley. Then the blasting is very close to Grindcore. Maybe they have some sort of cult status, because they are blasting away already since 1990. I also do not want to doubt the musical standard, but this ultra extreme stuff doesn't give me a thing. Terror mails and letters to the already known address. (Online June 8, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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