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Powerlord - And Others (Rusty Diamonds Vol. 5) (6/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Rusty Diamonds
Playing time: 52:19
Band homepage: -


  1. Masters Of Death
  2. Malice
  3. Silent Terror
  4. The Invasion Of The Lords
  5. (The Awakening) Powerlord

  6. Messiah Prophet:
  7. Hit And Run
  8. Master Of Metal

  9. Maxx Warrior:
  10. High On Metal
  11. It's Allright
  12. Taken by Forces
Powerlord - And Others (Rusty Diamonds Vol. 5)
In the course of the Rusty Diamonds series we get quite a few obscure releases for the first time on CD, so in this case POWERLORD, MESSIAH PROPHET and MAXX WARRIOR, a threesome from the Eighties and this one, too, bring up the question what the hell the folks try to achieve with those ridiculously sexist covers… I personally don't get it… but at least on the backside there is the original cover, so…

Once the first notes of POWERLORD's "Masters Of Death" start to sound, two things are obvious: They are from the Eighties and they are from the USA. It could not be more typical for that time, trust me! This starts with the low production, you have to crank it up quite a bit to get it going. Then the vocals are so very US Metal, there can't be any mistaking and also the songwriting itself is trademark North America. The six tracks to be found on this disc are solid American Power Metal with a few ventures towards the border to Thrash, as said, with all the trademarks of that sound of that time, but not much more, I admit that these are not my favourite hunting grounds, but the material at hand here is nothing outstanding. The rather "dry" performance, the archetypical vocals, the melodylines, everything clearly defined.

MESSIAH PROPHET then rather brings us Melodic Metal of the American school, pounding drums, the typical chorus and melodies, "Hit And Run" is an excellent example for this style of that time for sure. And the stomping "Master Of Metal" makes me wonder, if it would not have been more interesting to get six tracks of MESSIAH PROPHET instead of POWERLORD! And the same goes for MAXX WARRIOR, who start out with full force and "High On Metal" before going into the classical American Melodic/Heavy Metal, which I still like better than POWERLORD themselves, hehe.

Anyways, as you normally would not get this one on CD, if you like the American Metal of the Eighties, this one could very well be one for you! (Online June 3, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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