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H.I.M. - Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666 (9/10) - Finland - 1998

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Terrier
Playing time: 66:03
Band homepage: H.I.M.


  1. Your Sweet Six Six Six
  2. Wicked Game
  3. The Heartless
  4. Our Diabolical Rapture
  5. It's All Tears (Drown In This Love)
  6. When Love And Death Embrace
  7. The Beginning Of The End
  8. (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  9. For You
H.I.M. - Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666

The debut album of the now pretty popular Finnish band around frontman and vocalist Ville Valo, who's voice and appearance makes their younger fans faint in rows, is a classic amongst the Gothic Metal albums and although their first album, it's an important spot in the band's history. Some even dare say that HIM did never reach the greatness of this album again with one of the latter ones…well, you could argue about that.

It's clear that "Greatest Lovesongs Vol.666" is an album that really kicks ass and because of Ville Valo's incomparable voice is definitely deeply touching. Starting right away with hard riffs and diabolical lyrics, the opener "Your Sweet Six Six Six" is pointing out heavy sounds that continue in the following cover of "Wicked Game", indeed a very well-done version of the Chris Isaak classic, at least that's my opinion. The following "The Heartless" sounds way softer, but the next song "Our Diabolical Rapture" is loaded with heavy riffs again. The ballad that's sending shivers down your spine, "When Love And Death Embrace", is perfectly showing the vocalist's warm timbre.

My favourite song on this album is, however, the last one "For You", a song that sounds pretty calm at the beginning, but is kicking ass like hell at once then. This song owns everything, power, emotions, tenderness, passion. A masterpiece. As a whole it's a very gloomy, melancholic album that lives only because of Ville Valo's incredible voice, that's giving those sounds the feeling they are craving for. (Online May 26, 2003)

Guest reviewer Babett Jahn

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