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Peccatum - Amor Fati (4/10) - Norway - 2000

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Candlelight Records
Playing time: 44:30
Band homepage: Peccatum


  1. One Play, No Script
  2. No Title For A Cause
  3. Murder
  4. A Game Divine?
  5. (no title)
  6. Rise, Ye Humans
  7. Between The Living And The Dead
  8. (no title)
  9. 9. - 10. The Watchers Mass
Peccatum - Amor Fati
If I may quote my "Rock Hard"-colleague Pöpperl: "already now my condolences to the suffering reviewers and accidental buyers"...

Well, it reads quite dramatic, but it comes quite close, because what Ihsahn creates with PECCATUM here, can even with much benevolence be best called an abstract lump of sound, which puts a great, maybe sometimes even a too great, demand on the listener. Melodic/symphonic passages meet theatralic, sometimes extremely abstract parts, which make your hair stand up, especially when the violin attacks your ears that you have to fear they might actually fall off.

I don't want to name any certain songs here, because I think that you have to view PECCATUM as a whole, because you can barely top this trio in bulkiness. Surely some will jump up and talk about me not realising art when it jumps at me from behind, but for me it is an art to listen to this album from the beginning until the end...

So, who thinks that EMPEROR are far too catchy and simple and like to venture onto yet untrodden paths (I wonder why nobody had been there yet...), should check out PECCATUM!

Alexander Melzer

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