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Company Of Wolves - Steryl Spycase (7/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Ryf
Playing time: 38:54
Band homepage: Company Of Wolves


  1. Institution
  2. Rocks In Your Head
  3. Dance Yourself Stupid
  4. Damned
  5. The Ballad Of Sailor Jack And Georgie
  6. Skin To Skin
  7. Same Way Out (That You Came In)
  8. Rhythm And Booze
Company Of Wolves - Steryl Spycase
11 years after their self-titled debut it is back, the wolfpack under the leadership of Kyf Brewer. Some of you might still recall the opener of that album, "Call Of The Wild", a song that I still like to hear.

And "Institution" kicks off the album in a similar fashion, not reaching it, but still a good start. Back then COMPANY OF WOLVES had stood for straight Rock with bluesy undertones, which lost a little substance as the album continued, but still held some special appeal.

"Steryl Spycase" follows in these tracks, but they also take up a few different rhythms and sounds, like Sleaze, Southern Rock and also a few things that don't really belong to the Rock-category and won't really fit my ears with all open-mindedness that I have, "Rocks In Your Head" is a prime example for that. But the straight up-tempo of "Dance Yourself Stupid", the equally straight rocker "Damned" or the ballad "The Ballad Of Sailor Jack And Georgie" more than make up for that.

Overall you could describe the second work of COMPANY OF WOLVES as a mixture of themselves (their debut) and the BLACK CROWES (finally I can totally agree with the info), which should be something for fans of these styles. Timeless one could say...

Alexander Melzer

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