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Devin Townsend Band, The - Accelerated Evolution (9,5/10) - Canada - 2003

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: InsideOut
Playing time: 54:30
Band homepage: Devin Townsend Band, The


  1. Depth Charge
  2. Storm
  3. Random Analysis
  4. Deadhead
  5. Suicide
  6. Traveller
  7. Away
  8. Sunday Afternoon
  9. Slow Me Down
Devin Townsend Band, The - Accelerated Evolution
Devin is an individual who has always interested me not by what he is capable of doing with SYL, but what he comes up with on his solo projects. "Accelerated Evolution" continues to show just what his mind is able to produce. His mind never stops thinking. What is presented here is intelligent Metal for those of you who are looking to challenge themselves musically and see what is able to click and not.

This is a complete turnaround from SYL. The best way to describe this new world of heavy music is a heavier version guitar wise of "Ocean Machine" and "Terria". While Devin continues to give us lush atmospheric sounds blended with passionate vocal lines, progressive and complex drum work and guitars, he is able to give us heavy guitar riffs that pack a lot of punch to the band and makes this CD stand out in a beautiful way. This is not just a standard Metal album or a Rock album. This is about breaking away from the norm and creating new passages that the ear will enjoy if you believe in multi-layered music compositions that will satisfy your mind. Brilliantly written and performed.

At first, I was expecting somewhat of a continuation of "Ocean Machine" or "Terria" with how the first track was being performed. Once I got through half of the disc, I saw that this is a completely new realm that he is exploring. Those who feel the need to challenge their minds or are looking for some sort of inspiration should check this out. With each listen, you will not only get more out of it, but hear other things that are going on that you missed the first time. Sheer genius!!!!!! (Online August 14, 2003)

Joe Florez

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