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Battlelore - Sword's Song (9/10) - Finland - 2003

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 46:42
Band homepage: Battlelore


  1. Sons Of Riddermark
  2. Sword's Song
  3. The Mark Of The Bear
  4. Buccaneers Inn
  5. Attack Of The Orcs
  6. Dragonslayer
  7. Chazad-Dum Pt. 2 (Silent Caverns)
  8. Horns Of Gondor
  9. The War Of Wrath
  10. Forked Height
  11. Starlight Kingdom
  12. The Curse Of The Kings (Bonus Track)
Battlelore - Sword's Song
I won't subtract the class of the debut "…Where The Shadows Lie" from the Finns, but the development towards the successor is really huge. Their followings will surely increase as this album delivers lots of power and BATTLELORE will run up to the higher levels of this genre. Epic Fantasy Metal which is pretty matured. Mighty choirs and expendable keyboard arrangements remind you of J.R.R. Tolkiens "Lord Of The Ring" and its movie made by "splattermaster" Peter Jackson. Also songtitles like "Attack Of The Orks", "Chazad-Dum Pt.2" or "Horns Of Gondor" point into the right direction.

The joyfully with BATTLELORE's newest epic is the fact, that "Sword's Song" is far away from being a cheap and tawdry Gothic Metal record. Brutal guitar riffs and the pressuring sound make this masterpiece to a very special pleasure for your ears and in fact a pleasure for a long time. Sweet angelic voices take turns with demonic shouting, it pushes the tense atmosphere and the listener has no chance to escape. Thoughtfully and detailed, the Fantasy freaks from the land of thousand lakes created another record for eternity, which evokes beautiful imaginations with every spin.

BATTLELORE belong to the top just with their second work but it seems that this is just the beginning. The potential of the band seems illimatable and "Sword's Song" seems to be just the next step. Grand as well as beautiful! (Online June 12, 2003)

Alexander Ehringer

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