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Legend Maker - The Path To Glory (8,5/10) - Colombia - 1999

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Sentinel Steel
Playing time: 40:35
Band homepage: Legend Maker


  1. Leonelda
  2. Sands Of Time
  3. To Hell Or To Heaven
  4. Story
  5. Moon Seasons
  6. Last Chapter
Legend Maker - The Path To Glory
What do we have here? LEGEND MAKER? Great Fantasy-cover! Wow! A fat and equally great booklet! Oh, what stands there? Cali, Colombia? Wow, wouldn't have thought that! OK, so let's listen into it...

Holla! So Colombia also has learned its HELLOWEEN-lesson well, but... Hey, stop, where are you going? You stay here, I did in no way say that they are yet another clone, no... Sure you can count LEGEND MAKER among Power Metal and despite their origins among the European branch and also singer Michael Grant (originally with ONWARD) sounds surprisingly European for an American, yet still different somehow.

Well, and contrary to most comparable bands, which still are flooding the scene, LEGEND MAKER can convince in every department, variable and nicely cliché-free song-writing, great melodies, gripping arrangements, excellent solos and strong vocals, yes, Power Metal still can be real fun!v Opening "Leonelda" showcases a barrage of good ideas, fast, with interesting melody-lines, which differ from the standard, also the guitar-melodies and thy rhythms are positively different, a great solo as topping, this song is good, this song is fun! After the more riffy "Sands Of Time" (which cannot fully reach the strong opener) and the relatively similar "To Hell Or To Heaven" the four Colombians (and one US-American) set all guns blazing with the almost twelve-minute "Story", from piano-underlaid to double-bass-driven you'll get everything in between, always dynamic, always flowing, a little masterpiece in itself! And also the two remaining songs "Moon Seasons" and "Last Chapter" are absolutely up-to-par!

All in all a really convincing performance of the five guys, everything fits here, melodies, song-writing, vocals, production, packaging, who likes Power Metal and would like to hear something besides the STRATOGAMMAWEENPSODY-epigones, LEGEND MAKER are something for you for sure!

Available via: Hellion Records!

Alexander Melzer

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