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Skinless - Foreshadowing Our Demise (8,5/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Relapse Records
Playing time: 40:53
Band homepage: Skinless


  1. Foreshadowing Our Demise
  2. Smothered
  3. The Optimist
  4. Salvage What's Left
  5. Tug Of War Intestines
  6. Affirmation Of Hatred
  7. Enslavement
  8. Merrie Melody
  9. Pool Of Stool
Skinless - Foreshadowing Our Demise
Technically impressive US Death Metal has to sound like this and not others. You can SKINLESS confidently assign to the absolute highlights of the newer Death Metal generation and who produces such a merciless piece of music, hasn't to worry about the big ones in this genre. Once again, Relapse Records had a good feeling for brutal Metal and signed another high-qualitative noise combo.

The band from New York combines diversity and musical finesse with a pretty heavy sound and indescribable brutality. SKINLESS do not ever step on the accelerator and so are speedy and groovy parts balanced, what causes the rise of the pressure from this disc. The razor sharp production supports that and completes the songs.

This is a must for every Death Metal freak and "Foreshadowing Our Demise" could soon belong to the classics of my favourites, who knows, SKINLESS have at least enough class. (Online June 14, 2003)

Alexander Ehringer

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