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Geasa - Fate's Lost Son (9/10) - Ireland - 2003

Genre: Dark Metal / Black Metal
Label: Acheron
Playing time: 55:40
Band homepage: -


  1. Seas
  2. Heavenfall
  3. Divine Reality
  4. Eire
  5. Crawl (Into The Sun)

  7. Burning The Gates Of Rome
  8. Empyrean
  9. Draiochta
  10. Warrior
  11. Starside
  12. Rite Of Passage
Geasa - Fate's Lost Son
"Fate's Lost Son" is a self financed E.P. by Irish band GEASA. Acheron Records snapped it up and released it on this CD alongside the remastered edition of GEASA's first release, the infamous "Starside" demo. This E.P. starts right where the majestic "Angel's Cry" left off and blasts on with magical songs of Ireland in a very charismatic GEASA fashion.

The music is typical of GEASA and is full of beautiful soaring mystical riffing and the enchanting lead work which has a similar effect as AGALLOCH in the fact that the leads are kept atmospheric and devoid of all fret wankery. GEASA are one of those magical bands that can do no wrong as their music is so imaginative and picturesque that it really effects the listener and takes them to exactly where the band intends.

All the songs are musically breathtaking but the standout track for me is easily the fantastic "Crawl (Into The Sun)" which rivals even the best from "Angel's Cry" when the rest, although very close, does not match it for brilliance. The vocal work this time around lets the band down as although there have been fantastic improvements in the already brilliant clean singing the harsher vocals come now in two styles. The first is the old GEASA Black Metal shriek which is still good but the second is lower and simply gruff and unfitting with the music and it really takes away from the mood and beauty of the individual pieces.

Still if this is the standard of music that the album is going to contain then I will be more than satisfied. I just pray that the vocals are a little more effective.

For some reason many people in Ireland were disappointed with "Angel's Cry" because it left behind the direction that the band were heading in with this demo. On "Starside" GEASA played a more straightforward Black Metal style with some nice catchy DARKTHRONE style riffing. Personally I preferred "Angel's Cry" but that does not take away from the greatness of this demo and when listening to it it is obvious for me that this band really deserved to get signed.

The acoustic guitars are used very effectively for atmosphere in the track "Draiochta" and are a lot more effective than they were on the "Angel's Cry" album. This little instrumental is beautifully fitting with the harshness of the rest of the music as it adds a few shades of gray to the black. The music in general however is a lot more frenzied than on "Angel's Cry" and the vocals are fantastic and are so haunting and harsh and are definitely the best GEASA have ever done.

As a Black Metal band GEASA certainly had the ability to go all the way as the material here is fantastic but it is not as deep, beautiful, magical and original as the much more mature stuff they created on "Angel's Cry". This is unquestionably a fantastic demo but it does not live up to its successor, yet I would like to see a return to this style more often in GEASA's music as it is their aggression and rawness that they displayed here that I think is missing on the "Fate's Lost Son" section. These vocals and riffing combine to make a much more effective display of violence than the poor gruff vocals on the first half of this E.P.

Both "Starside" and "Rite Of Passage" got a makeover and appeared on "Angel's Cry". "Starside" is a fantastic song on both and on "Angel's Cry" it had a lot more atmosphere and class to it but with so many aggressive riffs it was very much at home on the demo. I find it hard to determine which it is better on. The variation of vocals and the use of keyboards add that extra bit of magic to it but there is a lot more passion in the demo version... I leave it up to you because I can't choose!!

"Rite Of Passage" however is clearly better on the demo I think. It has even more magic than on "Angel's Cry" and is simply beautiful. The harsh vocals sound so perfect and maybe some clean ones could have complimented them but I wouldn't have changed this song as it was so perfect first time round.

Overall I must say that Angel's Cry is definitely still their strongest realise but this shows the passion in the bands development and a great hope for the future. Lets hope there is a lot more to come from this band in the future as the magic in these people needs to be heard by everyone as it is some of the most powerful music ever committed to disc. (Online June 15, 2003)

Niall Kennedy

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