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18 tablatures for Nuclear Assault

Nuclear Assault - Alive Again (8,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Steamhammer
Playing time: 38:08
Band homepage: Nuclear Assault


  1. Rise From The Ashes
  2. Brainwashed
  3. F#
  4. New Song
  5. Critical Mass
  6. Sin
  7. Betrayal
  8. Radiation Sickness
  9. Game Over
  10. Butt F**ck
  11. Trail Of Tears
  12. Hang The Pope
Nuclear Assault - Alive Again
After nearly ten years full of silence, another ingenious Thrash band returns to Metalbusiness. NUCLEAR ASSAULT offer with "Alive Again" an intense live record, which shall shorten the waiting time to their new album for all Thrashers in the world, the album comes up in autumn 2003.

If you listen to NUCLEAR ASSAULT in 2003, you will recognize, that not much has changed. Time seemed not to make any impression for them, at least concerning their music. The voice of singer John Connelly is still as high and hectic as on "Game Over" in 1986. The band thrashes from the very start through ingenious breakers like the opening "Rise From The Ashes" (very fitting) or my personal favourite "Sin". You realize that the band don't yet harmonize at all, but they overlay it with the fun, they have with the music. The sound of the record is okay, especially for a Thrash band. "Alive Again" can probably not compete with SLAYER's "Decade Of Aggression", but who has expected that really? Contrary to SLAYER, NUCLEAR ASSAULT still play pure Thrash in 2003. Just this fact deserves much praise. It's a real pleasure to listen songs like "Betrayal", "Game Over" or the culty "Butt F**ck" again live. Who can't bang to this stuff, can't be helped.

Let us wait for the new record of the guys. Bands like DESTRUCTION have proved that a reunion can succeed, so why not with NUCLEAR ASSAULT, too? There's a little Thrash Metal wave rolling this time, so it's the best moment for a new beginning. Let us hope, that the band from New York now deserves the respect, they deserve. The old grenades let you hope for more, in any case. Welcome back guys and good luck!

Tips: "Sin", "Butt F**ck", "Game Over"... (Online June 16, 2003)

Patrick Weiler

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