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Black Dahlia Murder, The - Unhallowed (8,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 37:38
Band homepage: Black Dahlia Murder, The


  1. Unhallowed
  2. Funeral Thirst
  3. Elder Misanthropy
  4. Contagion
  5. When The Last Grave Has Emptied
  6. Thy Horror Cosmic
  7. The Blackest Incarnation
  8. Hymn For The Wretched
  9. Closed Casket Requiem
  10. Apex
Black Dahlia Murder, The - Unhallowed
With a name like THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER I think more of a Gothic Metal band... anyway, these murderers are on their massacring way through your ear canals! Death Metal as angry as angry can. Who defies records like "Slaughter Of The Soul" of AT THE GATES or "A Bloodred Path" of GATES OF ISHTAR, will also love THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER! What is surprising, is the fact, that the band don't come from Sweden but Detroit, Michigan.

Their mixture of Sweden Death, CARCASS and many blastbeats is so heavily-produced and exciting-made, that you will be just down for the first listen! Their killerriffs just ping around your ears and the precise powerdrumming drives you crazy! When I listened to it for the first time, I just thought of another banal Melo-Death combo, which overruns the market.... but it's pretty far away from that - THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER can just outstand with their brutality and extremity. So, don't expect something highly melodic like IN FLAMES/DARK TRANQUILLITY. THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER are pretty heavier and more unpolished! Slight Florida-influences can be point out, rather in the vocals than in the music itself. So, there are no clean vocals!

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER had been founded by guitar player Brian Eschbach and drummer Cory Grady in January 2001. Short after that, singer Trevor Strnad joined them and the band started to write some songs. Then bass guitar player David Lock and guitar player John Kempainen completed the band and resulted today's line-up. Regarding the fact, that the band exists for only two years, this album is nearly scaringly great! (Online June 16, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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