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2Ton Predator - Demon Dealer (9/10) - Sweden - 2003

Genre: Modern Metal
Label: Diehard Music
Playing time: 40:07
Band homepage: 2Ton Predator


  1. Intro
  2. Slowly Slaughtered
  3. Pipeyard Killings
  4. Bone Brigade
  5. Demon Dealer
  6. A Funeral Romance
  7. Transparent Venom Addiction
  8. Hell Is Where You're Headed
  9. Henchmen
  10. Hammred
  11. Ready To Die
  12. Killing Flames
2Ton Predator - Demon Dealer
The Swedish 2TON PREDATOR will come shortly over the Scandinavian sea, bringing us their third record. After the two heavy shells "In The Shallow Waters" (1999) and "Boogie" (2001), they offer now the new "Demon Dealer", which is pretty heavy again.

Immediately after the short intro, the mighty killerriffs of "Slowly Slaughtered" are unleashed out of the speakers. The first impression of 2TON PREDATOR is that they sound similar hard as THE HAUNTED, SOILWORK or partly IN FLAMES on "Reroute To Remain". The balanced mixture of Death and Thrash elements is well-executed. Besides their heaviness, the band also represents a tremendous groove. Compared with forementioned bands, the Swedish do it without modern frills or keyboards or samples. It's not that I don't like such elements, but it's good to listen to something original. Shells like "Bone Brigade" or the ultracool titletrack will break your neck. It's not monotonously thrashed but with brain conjured. To mention is also the fat production, the guys can thank a lot their producer Tue Madsen. Every single instrument is clearly to point out, but the disc doesn't sound somehow polished. For example, the guitars on "Transparent Venom Addiction" are so crunchy, that I thought first, that my neighbour is dropping a tree with a chainsaw. Really cool. The rough, angry singing of shouter "Mogge" does its support for this true inferno. Wether you take "Hell Is Where You're Headed", "Henchmen" or "Killing Flames", not one of the 12 songs on "Demon Dealer" is a filler.

At the moment, the scene discusses who are the new Metal stars in the new cenutry. You can hear names like IN FLAMES, CHILDREN OF BODOM or SOILWORK. But I tell you one thing: don't underrate this band here. I believe, that 2TON PREDATOR will be known more with "Demon Dealer" and if they remain on this way, soon they will be in one line with forementioned bands. All Metalheads, who like heavy, groovy Death/Thrash sounds, I just can recommend this for you. But all other can listen to it, too.

Tips: all (Online June 17, 2003)

Patrick Weiler

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