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Thyrane - Hypnotic (8,5/10) - Finland - 2003

Genre: Industrial Black Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 50:47
Band homepage: Thyrane


  1. Human Weed
  2. Firework
  3. Glamorama Demystified
  4. Dance In The Air
  5. Armaya
  6. The Symptomatic
  7. Phantasmal Paranoia
  8. Of Suns And Flames
  9. Heretic Hunt
Thyrane - Hypnotic
Time and again it is interesting to see how far the expectations and reality can be apart. I know, I had already opened my SECTARIAN review like this, but nevertheless it is just as remarkable. Expectations in this case meaning what you thought you would get after reading the info sheet and reality being what in fact comes out of the speakers after all.

In the case of THYRANE I already knew their debut "Symphonies Of Infernality", which had been quite furious Black Metal, but when I read something about a mix of Industrial and Black Metal, about a "futuristic missile", I already had feared for a cold and lifeless matter, with a lot of electronics and machinery, but not many melodies and all. Ok, so far for the "expectations".

What I get, well, it is futuristic and modern, with the keyboards playing a pretty important role, but at the same time they do not bring the dreaded pure mechanized atmosphere, but still keep some life in the compositions of this quartet that has gone quite a long way since their beginnings. Now some will argue that the keyboards have a bigger role than the guitars and to some extent those folks are right, but in this chosen style, that is what is needed.

Now I have heard "Hypnotic" and its musical direction being compared to THE KOVENANT, but contrary to the Norwegians, who I never got into, the (new) sound of THYRANE still holds enough roots to their past, with melodic guitars and keyboards and quite catchy choruses, which overall makes them walk the thin line between monotony and variability, in most cases staying on the tightrope.

Sure, purists and fans of old might have their problems with the at times cold sounding keyboards and the more staccato-like riffs, but to me, who normally is no friend of these elements for sure, it makes "Hypnotic" sound somewhat fresh and interesting, because of the excellent melodies that THYRANE pack into their songs on this album.

The complaint that the used elements start to repeat themselves after a short time already I cannot agree on, because of course the album forms a cohesive stylistic whole, meaning that the compositions do not stray much from the chosen path, but within these boundaries songs like the excellent opener "Human Weed", "Firework" with its great chorus, the kind of danceable "Dance In The Air", the great far east influenced instrumental "Armaya" or the closing "Heretic Hunt" bring us a whole bunch of different shadings and intensities.

Ok, not all songs really ignite here (like "Glamorama Demystified"), some in fact are a little repetitive, but if you look at Industrial, this style in many cases lives off the monotonous repetition of passages and rhythms at least partly, so if you cross Industrial and Black Metal, how could you complain about this? And at times this album reminds me a bit of GEHENNA's song "Ad Arma Ad Arma" off their excellent "Malice" album.

The amalgamation of Industrial and Black Metal for sure is not something for everybody (not even for fans of either style) and normally it is a mix that I pass by without regrets, but in the case of THYRANE I can happily say that the mix works and combines the past and present with great melodies! And the morale of the story? Never let an info sheet deceive you ;) (Online June 6, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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