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Red Wine - Sueños Y Locura (8,5/10) - Spain - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Arise Records
Playing time: 47:00
Band homepage: Red Wine


  1. Sueños Y Locura
  2. Renacer
  3. Pesadilla
  4. Llantos De Otra Realidad
  5. Sombra De Poder
  6. Fuego En La Sangre
  7. Rosa De Metal
  8. Gigantes De Hierro
  9. Alma Libre
  10. Tras El Portal
  11. Kill Me In Dreams
Red Wine - Sueños Y Locura
Talking about bad band names… RED WINE is just no name for a Metal band and even less for a good one! Maybe it was this that had me pass by their debut completely (perhaps because I do not drink alcohol, so also no red wine?), but I do not know anything of that one, so I can't compare the evolution of these Spaniards. And an interesting thing it would have been, if I could have done so, because "Sueños Y Locura" is pretty darn good!

My Spanish supports as far as the title goes, "Dreams And Madness", fittingly depicted in the very good cover, as far as the lyrics also deal with this, I cannot say, but that's the price of liking albums in foreign languages ;) But that is where internet translations come in handy, hehe.

After the title track, which is an intro, "Renacer" ("to appear again") is a killer track right at the start, heavy, melodic, with well used keyboards, a good drive, good dynamics, very well implemented choirs and shout choirs for best effect, with the latter adding quite some power to the following "Pesadilla" ("Nightmare") as well and here it becomes evident that RED WINE are not just yet another Power Metal band out there, but that they also mix some Melodic Metal into their sound, loosening it up and therewith differ from the still ongoing flood of this style.

I do not exactly know what I had expected from "Sueños Y Locura", but I think I had thought it would be more "common" in terms of style, not this excellent in its songs and arrangements, because these folks have drive, they have power, I like it! Just take "Llantos De Otra Realidad" ("Weeping Of Another Reality"), it is fast, but not generic and it just makes you move automatically, just like the epic "Gigantes De Hierro" ("giants from iron"), great song, great choir! And "Alma Libre", best fast Power Metal!

So another excellent album from Spain, where the scene seems to diversify in a way that they take the traditional sound, but make it still sound fresh and damn good, so thumbs up for RED WINE and if they do it like their namesake does, then they will only get better and better with time, I'll be waiting :) (Online June 8, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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