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96 tablatures for Judas Priest

Judas Priest - Defenders Of The Faith (10/10) - Great Britain - 1984/2001

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Sony Music
Playing time: 49:50
Band homepage: Judas Priest


  1. Freewheel Burning
  2. Jawbreaker
  3. Rock Hard Ride Free
  4. The Sentinel
  5. Love Bites
  6. Eat Me Alive
  7. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
  8. Night Comes Down
  9. Heavy Duty
  10. Defenders Of The Faith
  11. The Remasters Bonus Tracks:
  12. Turn On Your Light (Remaster Bonus)
  13. Heavy Duty/Defenders Of The Faith (live) (Remaster Bonus)
Judas Priest - Defenders Of The Faith
JUDAS PRIEST's 84 album "Defenders Of The Faith" hits it on the head with the three simple words "Metal Maniac Mastermind". You cannot do energetic, brutal, highly explosive and still melodic Heavy Metal any better.

What the guitar duo Glenn Tipton/K.K. Downing is wrenching from their axes here, is not from this world. Even though there are legions of guitarists that are a lot more talented, these two dragon slayers from Spermingham, ehm, Birmingham made them all wet. One riff more breath taking than the other, almost incredible solos, damn brutal and intense as hell. But what would the guitarists be without the ultra-fat rhythm carpet from the background? Right, nothing! Ian Hill (Bass) and Dave Holland (Drums) delivered a more than solid performance. And as crown Rob Halford in his vocal heydays.

Now to the songs: Every single note is a legacy to the passionate pleasure of our worshipped musical style. To describe the songs would be absolute nonsense as each of them is an indescribable highlight for itself. E.V.E.R.Y. Heavy Metal fan has to know this piece of art by heart. On the "re-masters" version there are two bonus tracks, the good ballad "Turn On Your Light" and the live version of "Heavy Duty/Defenders Of The Faith".

10 celestial Punkte! (Online June 10, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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