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Volcano - Davi (9/10) - Japan - 2001

Genre: Power Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Victor Entertainment
Playing time: 46:55
Band homepage: -


  1. Absurd
  2. History Cries
  3. Live Through This Wild
  4. The Wild Obscene Nights
  5. Child Eyes
  6. Progress
  7. No Way Man
  8. Crazy Red Machine
  9. In The Black
  10. Barbwire
Volcano - Davi
For a long, a very long time, too long I hesitated to buy the second longplayer of the Japanese VOLCANO. It was the fault of the expression of the chief of the troop, Sje-Ja, who said in an interview that he absolutely loves IN FLAMES and also wants to record something in that direction. And IN FLAMES interest me almost as much as when a bike falls over in China. The second hindrance was the high import price. Well, in the end I ordered the CD and I am totally hooked.

Compared to the first album "Violent" only very few things have changed. VOLCANO still play damn heavy Power Metal without mercy. The guys mix the rough brutality of the first METAL CHURCH with the song writing skills of VICIOUS RUMORS' "Soldiers Of The Night" album, just a bit gruffer even.

Guitar volleys fall from the clear skies like lightning, the bass runs squeeze closed your throat, while the drums thrash into your head like tomahawks. But the guys do not forget to spice up the whole battle scenario with sought out melodies. The singer sounds like a rough version of the old ANTHEM fronter and fits the music like the ass on the bucket.

Songs like the hefty and very catchy "Child Eyes" with its URIAH HEEP organ, the slow, dark "In The Black" or the driving "History Cries" with its extremely gripping riffs are best banger fodder, like all the other songs as well. Musically the Japanese have balls like a wild donkey. (Online June 14, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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