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Sacrificial - Autohate (6/10) - Denmark - 2002

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Mighty Music
Playing time: 34:31
Band homepage: Sacrificial


  1. Angel Eyes
  2. In Front Of Turmoil
  3. Out Of Touch
  4. Confrontation Zone
  5. My Kingdom Arise
  6. Victimized
  7. Away With The Skies
  8. Unadapted
  9. Soul Sale
Sacrificial - Autohate
An album that at least for me comes over a bit split is "Autohate" of SACRIFICIAL. On the one hand the songs go off like a red rocket, whip your skin into pieces and set free tremendous energy, but on the other hand I miss the magic, the intensity as the Thrash bands of the 80s (mostly) brought in huge amounts. Maybe the CD is just produced too modern, I cannot really say.

Brutal, wild, fast and varied the album is, but that certain something, which makes a good song a classic, that is what the guys are lacking. 2-3 songs in a row are quite ok, but then it gets somewhat boring. Who love THE HAUNTED or DARKANE and doesn't say "no" to DARK ANGEL in all phases will also have no problems with "Autohate". Just how do you rate an album that doesn't give you much, but neither is a drop off? I'll try it with neutral 6 points. (Online June 16, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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