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Liege Lord - Burn To My Touch (8/10) - USA - 1987

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 30:39
Band homepage: Liege Lord


  1. Transgressor
  2. Birds Of Prey
  3. Cast Out
  4. Portrait Of Despair
  5. Black Lit Nights
  6. The Manic's Mask
  7. Legend
  8. Walking Fire
  9. Speed Of Sound
Liege Lord - Burn To My Touch
The second album of Power Metal heroes LIEGE LORD by far was not as bad as it had been made back then. Ok, looking at the short playing time, the expression "better EP" is more fitting.

I guess that the fact why "Burn To My Touch" received such mediocre reviews back in 1987 was that the epic list and the great melody lines of "Freedom's Rise" were almost gone. If that had been the responsibility of the new guitarist Paul Nelson, who replaced Pete McCarthy? Rather not. But the guitar work was more variable than ever. And who has such a divine singer like Andy Michaud behind the mic cannot do a really bad album.

This man alone had been half the rent in his time with LIEGE LORD. For the music you need to take your time to get into the complex, but never confusing song material. Who takes this time will be rewarded with some small, but fine pearls like "Transgressor", beginning balladesque, then turning into up tempo, the superb "Cast Out" with its fantastic guitars, "Legend", a hammer with wild drum attacks and a strong solo, or the smasher "Speed Of Sound" that reminds me a bit of HEIR APPARENT.

Even though the disc is not a classic of US-Metal, the music still lis far above average. (Online June 19, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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