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Powerlord - The Awakening (8/10) - USA - 1986

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Shark Records
Playing time: 43:21
Band homepage: -


  1. Masters Of Death
  2. Malice
  3. Silent Terror
  4. The Invasion Of The Lords
  5. Merciless Titans
  6. (The Awakening) Powerlord

  7. Maxx Warrior:
  8. High On Metal
  9. It's Allright
  10. Taken by Forces
Powerlord - The Awakening
A little rarity in my CD collection had been the first (and only) epos of American POWERLORD. Why had been? Well, "The Awakening", so the title of the 6 track EP, has been re-release by Shark Records in the course of their "Rusty Diamonds" series. So now you, too, can enjoy killers like "Merciless Titans" or "Malice".

There is not much to be told about POWERLORD, just that they bear their name deservedly. The guys take raw, wildly pulsating energy and lets it loose in form of a big explosion again, straight onto your ears. Between mid and up tempo the songs could best be described as mix between bursting EXCITER and the crushing OVERKILL of the "Rotten To The Core" phase. Wildly roaring guitars extremely punching drums and a darkly brooding bass make your vertebrae move, while the mean vocals gives you the rest.

And with all the sheer almighty, pulsating power, which lets your adrenaline shoot up in fountains, the songs still are extremely well thought through and controlled. Don't let this lightbringer of true 80s steel pass you by!!!

Then as now we got three songs of MAXX WARRIOR as a bonus. Their songs were average US Metal that does not hurt, but also does not really stick either. Sounds like the beginnings of MALICE, BITCH, RATT etc., just not as good. On the new edition of the CD you also get some songs of the White Metal combo MESSIAH PROPHET. If they are taken off their 86 album "Master Of The Metal", then you get a really nice titbit extra.

Altogether: 8 points. (Online June 20, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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