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USM - Silver Step Child (8/10) - Great Britain - 2000

Genre: Melodic Rock
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 49:47
Band homepage: -


  1. Beneath The Low
  2. Silver Step Child
  3. Believe It Or Not
  4. The Time Of Our Lives
  5. It's All Over Now
  6. Kiss The Sun
  7. The Weird And The Wonderful
  8. Terrorphobiac
  9. The Other Side Of Paradise
  10. That Paranoia Thing
USM - Silver Step Child
I am always wary when bands completely consist of musicians of a different band, just like USM, whose three members orginally are flying the banner of BALANCE OF POWER. Musically you still hear the marching direction of that band (Melodic Rock), but still the gentlemen Ritchie, Southern and Hicks managed to get away from the sound of their original-band far enough.

Altogether USM (or UNITED STATES OF MIND) sound a good lot more modern and groovy than BOP, but without sounding too modern or even trendy, the grandiose melody-lines alone are proof enough of that. Grooving Melodic Metal ("Beneath The Low"), very good Melodic Rock with a bit more modern guitars ("The Weird And The Wonderful") or a wonderful ballad ("It's All Over Now"), it all comes in one mould, never sounding fashionable on purpose. And more than once the name HAREM SCAREM is making its way through the little grey cells of my brain...

But you may think what you want, USM have mastered the split between traditional Melodic Rock and a modern sound with ease, fans of the genre should at least check it out!

Alexander Melzer

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