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Boris - Amplifier Worship (4/10) - Japan - 2003

Genre: Sludge Metal / Doom Metal
Label: Southern Lord Recordings
Playing time: 64:02
Band homepage: Boris


  1. Huge
  2. Ganbow-Ki
  3. Hama
  4. Kuruimizu
  5. Vomitself
Boris - Amplifier Worship
You want to talk about slow pacing, Japan's BORIS are worshipers of the D-tuned bass and guitars. They just strum across the guitar for a slow and lethargic 5 minutes before the drums and screams kick in on the opening track of "Huge". A turtle can move at the speed of light compared to this. This drone goes on for over nine minutes.

On "Ganbow", we get more of the same except with more psychedelic soundscapes. This goes on for 5 minutes before some groovy drums and funky sounds kick in which liven up the track. This crazy funk goes on for about another 13 minutes before the Sludge grinds back in for a lovely total of a 15 minute track. Finally, "Hama" right from the start kick in with the drums and guitars that have a pacing that won't make me doze off. The guys really mix up their sounds on the last two tracks which lead you into one thing and then take you in a darker path that you weren't expecting.

Even though I don't do drugs I felt like I was induced by something. This is some way out stuff. (Online June 20, 2003)

Joe Florez

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