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Agent Steel - Unstoppable Force (10/10) - USA - 1987

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Music For Nations
Playing time: 38:55
Band homepage: Agent Steel


  1. Unstoppable Force
  2. Never Surrender
  3. Indestructive
  4. Chosen To Stay
  5. Still Searchin'
  6. Rager
  7. The Day At Guyana
  8. Nothin' Left
  9. Traveler
Agent Steel - Unstoppable Force
After the "Mad Locust Rising" EP Speed godz AGENT STEEL put out their second album "Unstoppable Force" in 1987. And just like the debut "Skeptics Apocalypse" the album belongs into every serious Heavy/Speed Metal collection. Compared to the debut only the speed was reduced a bit, but for that now the production by Dan Johnson (a.o. SAVATAGE, CRIMSON GLORY, WHIPLASH) could fully convince.

But despite the slight reduction of speed the Metal whip still is cracking loudly. No matter, where you let the laser beam dance, each song is genius in its own way. No matter if the title track, introduced by an echo sounder, then alternating between driving and mid paced, the speedy "Indestructive", "Chosen To Stay", opening ballad like (just listen to the guitar solo and compare it to TESTAMENT's "Alone In The Dark"), then turning into a neck breaker, the headbanger orgy "Rager", with its simple yet effective chorus, where NASTY SAVAGE's Nasty Ronnie is helping out with backing vocals, the whacked out instrumental "The Day At Guyana", which lets even METALLICA's "The Call Of Ktulu" sound like an old fart, or the damn intense ballad "Traveler", every song, every note is just sheer brilliance.

If you can handle the very high vocals, then there may be no hesitation to get this album. (Online December 27, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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