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Circle Of Dead Children - Human Harvest (8/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Displeased Records
Playing time: 35:30
Band homepage: Circle Of Dead Children


  1. A Family Tree To Hang From
  2. We Wear The Gimp Mask
  3. Salt Rock Eyes
  4. Bring Her A Mushroom Cloud Pt. 1
  5. No Tolerance For Silence
  6. Destiny Of The Slug
  7. Sleepwalker
  8. Harvest At Dawn (Enter Fertility)
  9. Corsage Of Fresh Meat And Rotten Pride
  10. Oak And Iron
  11. Mother Pig
  12. Rocket
  13. King Cobra Vs Queen Bee
  14. Buzzard Blizzard
  15. White Trash Headache
  16. Shadows Of The Narcissist
  17. Bring Her A Mushroom Cloud Pt. 2
  18. My Supernatural (Bell Ring Slowly)
  19. Alkaline
Circle Of Dead Children - Human Harvest
There isn't much to say about this band that hasn't already been said. The music sound sick and brutal and most importantly heavy with no real hint at instrumental prowess as brutality is chosen to be displayed instead. CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN play a very Death Metal form of Grindcore due to its riffing techniques and structure with Grindcore song lengths and blasts with some old NAPALM DEATH style riffs thrown into the mix to add a bit of variation.

The music and riffing is fantastic and catchy with some much more traditional punkish Grindcore riffs being given a Death Grind makeover blending well with much slower, chunkier, sludge like heavy riffs. The musicianship is adequate but nothing here sounds even slightly technical bar the drums which are played at great speeds and played pretty damn well.

One other thing of note is the lyrics which surprised me as they are actually pretty good which is strange considering the music makes you think that its going to be the complete generic gore soaked passages. We have instead a mixture of different elements that were seemingly written and crafted with care!

Production wise this release gets it spot on as it sounds very heavy indeed and the vocals, guitars and drums all are clearly audible and well mixed.

Fans of the band should put this as a high priority to purchase and fans of the style would be well advised to give this a listen to as it is very impressive. However if you like MANOWAR go somewhere else. (Online June 23, 2003)

Niall Kennedy

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