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4 tablatures for 1349

1349 - Liberation (6/10) - Norway - 2003

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Candlelight Records
Playing time: 38:28
Band homepage: 1349


  1. Manifest
  2. I Breathe Spears
  3. Riders Of The Apocalypse
  4. Deathmarch
  5. Pitch Black
  6. Satanic Propaganda
  7. Legion
  8. Evil Oath
  9. Liberation
  10. Buried By Time And Dust
1349 - Liberation
Behind this date of arrival of the black plague in Norway hides another extreme Black Metal band, whose line-up specificity might interest many people out there: their drummer is none other than Frost, the maniac bastard who's usually playing with SATYRICON. Thus, after an eponymous and ultra violent mini CD, that showed us all the qualities of 1349, here comes the album "Liberation"!

But a cruel deception is waiting for you all. Musically speaking, the quality is still there, the guitar parts are hateful as fuck, and Frost shows once again that he's one of the best Black Metal drummers, with a top speed that kicks some serious ass. The problem with "Liberation" is purely technical: the sound is properly awful. The guitars sound then very messy, and most of all, the drums have a catastrophic sound, that will make you feel like Frost spent his sessions hitting trash cans or cushions…

Conclusion: you can not enjoy properly this album, far from that, which is quite a shame! (Online September 15, 2003)

Thomas Bonnicel

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