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Agent Steel - Order Of The Illuminati (9,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 53:40
Band homepage: Agent Steel


  1. Avenger
  2. Ten Fists Of Nations
  3. Earth Under Lucifer
  4. Enslaved
  5. Insurrection
  6. Apocalypse (World Without Windows)
  7. Forever Black
  8. Dance Of St.Vitus (Bass Solo)
  9. Dead Eyes
  10. Kontrol (instrumental)
  11. Human Bullet
Agent Steel - Order Of The Illuminati
Livelong problems in the forefield caused a time delay of releasing of "Order Of The Illuminati". Ex-singer John Cyriis disputed with the band about the right for the name AGENT STEEL and so it took time until its release in 2003, although the majority of the songs had been already written two years ago. They reached an agreement with Mister Cyriis. He will be back in the Metal scene with his new band STELLAR SEED in a near future. The question is, if he can compete with this killer album...

A few years ago, AGENT STEEL offered with "Omega Conspiracy" a well-done re-union album, but "Order Of the Illuminati" is far better! Already the rapid opener "Avenger" puts the pedal to the metal. The vocals could be really described as a John Cyriis type because the siren remained. They create more aggression with some diversified thrashy shouts. Great banger stuff! The following "Ten Fists Of Nations" just blew me away, a megasong with great vocals, reminding me of IRON MAIDEN. The songs isn't matched, although AGENT STEEL have pretty strong stuff to deliver!

They don't always step on the accelerator, no, also fans of more epic songs will be satisfied. "Insurrection" starts balladesque and then turns into another highlight of the disc. AGENT STEEL remain here in a midtempo area and prove their abilities once again. The all destroying speed part comes out with a solo, which let's me nearly ejaculate. So great, such moments made me a Metal fan!!!

There is pure quality Metal - perfect for everybody, who wants to give this cult band a second chance. Of course, "Order Of the Illuminati" is not another "Skeptics Apocalypse" or "Unstoppable Force". The magic of that era comes never back again - but despite I'm much proud of this living legend, that they managed it to release such a top album, which remains old school-like and at the same time modernly! Such bands are decreasing! AGENT STEEL are MASTERS OF METAL - forgotten that? (Online June 28, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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