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Great Sorrow - Why (7/10) - Russia - 2002

Genre: Gothic Rock
Label: Jetnoise
Playing time: 39:22
Band homepage: Great Sorrow


  1. Angel
  2. Die One Day
  3. Why Is Not Today Tomorrow
  4. Autumn Of Love
  5. ***
  6. Take Off
  7. The Last Song
  8. Ne Smotri Na Nebo
  9. Cuckoo's Angel
  10. Japanese
Great Sorrow - Why
"Why" is, as far as I know, the third album of Russian GREAT SORROW and they have gone quite some way to arrive at this stage, because originally they had been a sort of Doom/Death Metal. Hardly anything of that is left on this album, because even though the style is not that easy to be pinned down, a sort of Gothic Rock could be the most fitting description I could come up with.

There is no more Doom and even less Death and also no Metal anymore, because the compositions of this quartet have mellowed out quite a bit, yet retaining the melancholy that could be found in their previous releases. The use of clean guitars, solely clean vocals, at times one could think that they try to put the rather artsy cover into music here, heh.

If you search for aggression or crunching guitars, then you have come to the wrong band, but if it is atmosphere and an overall melancholic and sad, almost tranquil feeling, then "Why" could be a CD for you. The melodies definitely are there, just on a different level, with a different emphasis. If you just take the opening duo "Angel" and "Die One Day", you will hear that GREAT SORROW do not try to follow in the big ones' footsteps, but walk at least a little off the beaten path, without straying off into unchartered waters.

And also the rest of the album more or less follows this pattern (without getting generic though), where "Take Off" is a surprisingly straight and also a bit heavier song, just like "Ne Smotri Na Nebo" also features some more guitars than the previous songs, so one can see that the folks have not completely gone melancholic and quiet on us ;) One factor that many people will criticize is the voice of Evgeny Trofimov, which is not exactly a paragon of power and range, but still fits the music well enough not to drag down the songs.

Overall is "Why" an interesting album for the calmer hours that might surprise fans of the older material by its direction, but if you like dark, melancholic Rock with some light Gothic undertones, then I'd say that you check out GREAT SORROW's 2002 album.

Available at! (Online June 16, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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