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Skyclad - Folkémon (9,5/10) - Great Britain - 2000

Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 50:31
Band homepage: Skyclad


  1. The Great Brain Robbery
  2. Think Back And Lie Of England
  3. Polkageist
  4. Crux Of The Message
  5. The Disenchanted Forest
  6. The Antibody Politic
  7. When God Logs-Off
  8. You Lost My Memory
  9. Déjŕ-Vu Ain't What It Used To Be
  10. Any Old Irony?
  11. Sword Of A Thousand Men (Bonus Track)
Skyclad - Folkémon

Any more questions? Yes? OK. Most of you should know SKYCLAD by now, for ten years now they are a brand-name for high-quality, original and very intelligent Folk Metal. And "Folkémon", which originally should have been titled "Rhymes Against Humanity", shows the ultra-sympathetic group around Martin Walkyier in absolute top-form.

The opener "The Great Brain Robbery" lashes out with crunchy guitars, up-tempo and a very catchy melody, making you smile as widely as your mouth allows you to. While "Think Back And Lie Of England" comes over a little more relaxed, yet not a tad less great, "Polkageist" bears its name deservedly, folky and up-tempo as one, very good!

"The Disenchanted Forest" with its stomping rhythm, the accessible "You Lost My Memory" or the very folky "Any Old Irony?", they all show that the Britons (almost) reach their masterpiece "Irrational Anthems".

Oh yes, there still is a bonus-track, a quite amusing cover-version of the TEN POLE TUDOR-song "Sword Of A Thousand Men", Punk with Shanty-choir on Folk...

Who has like SKYCLAD so far, NEEDS "Folkémon" like Lemmy needs his Whiskey, who doesn't know them yet, HAS to check out this album, because it for sure is a future classic!!

Alexander Melzer

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