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Seducer's Embrace - Sinnocence (7,5/10) - Russia - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Fono
Playing time: 31:32
Band homepage: Seducer's Embrace


  1. Entering Thy Gates
  2. My Embrace
  3. Silent Tears
  4. Sleep My Darling
  5. Dead Flowers Valley
  6. As The Forest Weeps...
  7. Moonlight Serenade
  8. Empty Promises
  9. Seducer's Lullaby
Seducer's Embrace - Sinnocence
Russian SEDUCER'S EMBRACE came with quite some laurels in advance, being hailed as best Melodic Death Metal band of all Russia. Now I have to admit that I do not know that many Death Metal bands hailing from the East, but when a band gets praised as "best" something, well, I am careful, because too often this had proved to be anything but that.

The first impression of "Sinnocence" has definitely been a good one, very interesting cover and booklet, and the acoustic, atmospheric intro is also very nice and opens the listener up, before "My Embrace" brings us a fast paced, melodic, but still heavy opener that at least justifies the style description right away. Now in the past months several bands very much revived this genre again, THE DUSKFALL, OMNIUM GATHERUM, MORS PRINCIPIUM EST and SEDUCER'S EMBRACE are not in their league yet, but still I have to say that "Sinnoncence", at least to me, sounds different enough from the rest to mark them as definitely hopeful!

One thing is the use of different vocal styles. Not only uses Rouslan Anisimov high and low Death-growls, but also some almost spoken word-like clean vocals, depending on the mood the composition needs. But also in the music we get a lot of variety, as "Sleep My Darling" shows, slow paced, melancholic, with those spoken word passages, almost reminds me a little of LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE, when Rouslan does those, and also acoustic guitars, which you do not get all that often in this genre. "Empty Promises" functions as counterpart to that one, being delivered at at times blistering speed, but never neglecting structures and melodies.

Now SEDUCER'S EMBRACE won't reinvent the genre and also do not feature anything groundbreakingly new, but the mix fits and they bring in enough vocal and musical variety to make a difference in the still very crowded sub genre, and if you have not grown tired yet, then you should pick this one up, the quality definitely is there!

Available at! (Online June 19, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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