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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - OFFROAD - Make It Through

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Offroad - Make It Through (7,5/10) - Russia - 2001

Genre: Melodic Rock
Label: 3Buk
Playing time: 48:02
Band homepage: Offroad


  1. Nobody Loves You More Than I Do
  2. California Rose
  3. Queen Of My Heart
  4. Tell Them Getta Hell Away
  5. Don't Get Evil
  6. Now Is When I Need Ya
  7. Living On Her Own
  8. What Am I Supposed To Do
  9. Playing With The Strings Of My Soul
  10. Cherry In The Peach
  11. Christmas Without You
Offroad - Make It Through
Ok first off, I must say I have listened to this CD over 10 times and from the first time I liked it but had no clue how to explain why I do… I played it at least 5 times in the same morning and then more spaced out, listened to it in order, on random but still nothing! I had no clue why I like it. So I left it alone for a while… The other night, Alex puts it in and it was starting to come to me how to describe it, so here it comes….

Old expression says never judge a book by its cover, well it's true! And I say never judge a CD by it's "book"let ;-) (new modern version of the saying). If you look at the cover which is simple but cool you think ok this will either be real old school Heavy Metal or something like AMERICAN DOG, (Don't get me wrong I like them!) truckers/bar music that talks about beer and girls and stuff like that, basically macho. But, surprise it's not that at all! The two main subjects are mostly about a "girl" (and the many emotions we can put you through) and "do what you want in life and stand up for yourself" from what I read of the lyrics…

It's Melodic Rock sounding like many bands I have heard before but can't put my finger on…(I'm really bad with band names and song titles, according to Alex I know more Metal than I think/can remember)

They remind me of 70s-80s Melodic Rock, they sound like they are having fun. It's a good album for background as well as main listen. I mean you can pay attention to it closely and it's good. You can listen to it while cleaning and dancing at the same time and it's cool. You know a bit like in the "Rush Hour" movie when Johnson is dancing to "Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight" before Carter calls her up for help, that type of thing.

First song "Nobody Loves You More Then I Do" very accessible song you can sing to it, catchy and you can understand the vocals! I mean these guys are from Russia but sing very well in English, they sound North American to me! The rhythm and the vocals tones remind me of a BEATLES song, the one with the video in black and white, with that beat, you know? But I can't remember which even if my life depended on it! Sorry. It does have electric guitar riffing in it for an instrumental part of the song so it's not Pop!

The song "California Rose" reminds me of the BEACH BOYS song "California Girls" for some odd reason, doesn't sound like it though only the "California" word does, by that I mean the tone used to sing it… and certain guitar notes are close, some sort of beach-y party atmosphere. I head bob to this…. No I don't head bang sorry, but that's a good sign if I head bob. :)

"Queen Of My Heart" is the first ballad on this CD, very nice. Melodic, a smoother/softer voice than in the up beat song which fits well but it still has power to it when needed like in more powerful and heavy passage of the song, when the instruments get louder to add some humph!

Song 5, "Don't Get Evil" begins like AEROSMITH according to Alex, again I'm pretty sure he's right but at this time AEROSMITH is just a name I heard a lot and no songs or sounds, for that matter, comes to me… So it's a more "heavy" song but really accessible and cool when you in a "YEAH!/air guitar" mood! (YEAH! mood is when you fell like yelling YEAH! And playing air guitar).

I won't go on song by song cause it would make for a way to long review, but the CD is well mixed between ballads and up beat songs, which is always very important! So if you want to have fun one day/night, party a bit or get good energy for house cleaning (not meant negative here), basically grooving baby!!! Pop this CD in and have fun playing air guitar, singing along and dancing around!

After many listens and a very puzzled mind on how to describe these guys I finally got it! BEACH BOYS meat BEATLES and get Metal! So the METAL BEACH BEATLES!

P.S. The reason why they get a 7,5 only is because even though it's good and well done, you will most probably also will think…I heard that somewhere before…

Available at! (Online June 16, 2003)

Valérie Melzer

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