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Lilith - The Conquering Of The Eternal Wisdom (7,5/10) - Bolivia - 2001

Genre: Black Metal
Label: American Line Productions
Playing time: 34:48
Band homepage: Lilith


  1. Tears From The Crystal Moon
  2. Towards The Limits Of Death And Passions
  3. Under The Liliths Spell
  4. The Conquering Of The Eternal Wisdom Pt.1
  5. The Conquering Of The Eternal Wisdom Pt.2
  6. Confessions
  7. Strange Sadness In Your Soul…
  8. Last Mirror (Instrumental)
Lilith - The Conquering Of The Eternal Wisdom
Now look here, we have another premiere on these pages: LILITH, the first ever band from Bolivia to get a review from out mad bunch! Melodic Black Metal it says in the info and fearing the worst, I braced myself, just to get surprised. Very positively surprised, I may add!

Sure, the production is not the best, but if you see that Bolivia is not exactly known for its high tech studios and stuff, this is something I won't hold against them as much as if they were from Western Europe or North America. But musically this La Paz-based quintet surprises with a very variable form of Melodic Black, in more ways than one, which is not the pinnacle of the genre, but shows some true potential that I for some reason would not have expected.

I know, of late many of my reviews deal with expectations I had and that did not "come true", but where the reality was different. Well, what should I do? I can only tell you folks what the CDs do to me, heh. Anyways, LILITH mostly use the typical Black Metal voice, but they also bring in some more or less spoken word passages, which mostly coincide with calmer breakdowns in their songs, which altogether brings us a really nice sense for dynamics and some traditional Metal riffing, as in "Towards The Limits Of Death And Passions" comes surprising, but fits very well indeed!

The two-part title track "The Conquering Of The Eternal Wisdom" also brings us a nice dynamic mix of blasting and calmer passages, while "Strange Sadness In Your Soul…" not only features some excellent traditional riffing and double bass, but also for the first time the clean vocals of guitarist Pedro Ascarrunz Brinati, which adds very nicely, before the quiet piano instrumental "Last Mirror" lets the album flow to an end…

Surely there are better bands in the genre, bands with more experience, with a higher budget and all. BUT… LILITH's debut is a refreshing album, which does not only follow the beaten path, but allows itself to stray at least a bit, bringing in calmer breakdowns, a little clean voice, interesting arrangements and all, which to me is something that many of the bands from the Metal-wise more populated and more acknowledged regions cannot claim and that is something that gives this quintet from Bolivia a big plus with me! (Online June 29, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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