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Tristania - World Of Glass (9/10) - Norway - 2001

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 55:40
Band homepage: Tristania


  1. The Shining Path
  2. Wormwood
  3. Tender Trip On Earth
  4. Lost
  5. Deadlocked
  6. Selling Out
  7. Hatred Grows
  8. World Of Glass
  9. Crushed Dreams
Tristania - World Of Glass
Allegedly Gothic Metal is stone-dead! When looking at the success of bands like HIM or THE 69 EYES I dare to disagree. TRISTANIA, too, are a band that are on the top of the genre, but you hardly can compare them with the above-mentioned slip-stormers.

TRISTANIA always had been more complex and also more extreme. Had been? No, the new long-player "World Of Glass" still can be put into this category. They just took up a few new things, like electronic sounds and folky violins. Additionally they secured the services of three vocalists, TRAIL OF TEARS' Ronny taking care of the lion's share, he just has the perfect grunt-voice! Yet the most enticing element of the TRISTANIA-sound still is the bewitching voice of sight for sore eyes Vibeke. No doubt, the visual effect of this Nordic beauty is outstanding, but why does the lady have to grace the cover with her presence alone? Typically for Napalm Records.

But wait, basically we are used to naked chicks! How many outstanding albums have already been lousened up by this cliché-shit? But to come back to the songs, they are very demanding, quite complex and not really easily digestible. You really have to listen to it for a few times, but the arrangements are brilliant, Gregorian choirs, acoustic guitars, distorted vocals, the creativity of TRISTANIA is nearly boundless! With the almost shamelessly catchy, balladesque "Deadlocked" they even have a potential hit!

Like we could expect, a further improvement to the great "Beyond The Veil"-album.

Ralf Henn

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