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New Disease - Axiomatic EP (8/10) - Great Britain - 2003

Genre: Alternative Metal
Label: Changes One
Playing time: 21:35
Band homepage: New Disease


  1. In Vitro
  2. Song Of One Word
  3. Hold On (Here Comes The Sun)
  4. Paperchains
  5. Sayonara
New Disease - Axiomatic EP
Our Flying Scotsman, Chris, already had reviewed NEW DISEASE's self produced sampler, now their "Axiomatic EP" has found its way into my player and I must say that I can only agree with what he had said. The British scene has spawned a lot of garbage in the past few years that had been hailed as the next big thing, but ultimately fell short as generic band wagon jumping, but with his praise for NEW DISEASE Chris definitely is giving you the right direction!

The five songs (plus video) on this EP show us a band that is playing mature, modern Rock/Metal that still is nowhere near the Nu-Metal machinery and should therefore definitely not be thrown into the same pot as those, because it would do them injustice both style wise and would also get them overlooked in an almost criminal way, if you look at the talent at hand here.

The opener "In Vitro" is an energetic Rocker with an irresistible chorus and great drive, while the following "Song Of One Word" is more mid paced, but even more intense than the previous one. And "Hold On (Here Comes The Sun)" (which we also get as the video) is a song that has great hit potential, imagine kind of catchy U2 with a lot more guitars, a certain Alternative touch and a great melody. Sounds weird, but this is what I feel reminded of and it is meant as a big compliment indeed!

As the sound also is more then correct, there is only one complaint I have about this one: It is only five songs! Folks, you have a LOT of potential, both musically and also commercially, I hope someone gives you the right chance! (Online July 4, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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