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Mütiilation - Majestas Leprosus (6/10) - France - 2003

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Ordealis Records
Playing time: 45:13
Band homepage: -


  1. Introducing The Plague
  2. Tormenting My Nights
  3. Destroy Your Life For Satan
  4. Bitterness Bloodred
  5. Majestas Leprosus
  6. Beyond The Decay Of Time And Flies
  7. The Ugliness Inside
  8. If Those Walls Could Speak
  9. Words Of Evil
Mütiilation - Majestas Leprosus
I guess there's no need to introduce MÜTIILATION, one of the very first French bands who were playing true Black Metal, in a Norwegian style, during the first half of the eighties, and who have since that released more than ten demos, CD's, etc… So here's Meyna'ch coming back, and in his leather bag, his new album, "Majestas Leprosus".

First of all, we can only but see that the cover is definitely not aesthetic and not well made. Concerning the musical aspect of things, the first listening is quite disappointing, and I felt happy when the CD stopped. The overall sound is quite weird, with a drum machine that doesn't fit at all, and tons of effects, both on guitars and vocals, that make the whole thing pretty messy and not as evil as it should be.

By luck, if you give it some more tries, then you'll realise that there are some good ideas and some quality tracks, especially "Destroy Your Life For Satan" and "Tormenting My Nights". The other songs are not as entertaining, and all in all, "Majestas Leprosus", though not being a bad album, will not remain as a reference for MUTIILATION. (Online October 1, 2003)

Thomas Bonnicel

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