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Judas Priest - Point Of Entry (9/10) - Great Britain - 1981

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: CBS
Playing time: 37:12
Band homepage: Judas Priest


  1. Heading Out To The Highway
  2. Don't Go
  3. Hot Rockin'
  4. Turning Circles
  5. Desert Plains
  6. Solar Angels
  7. You Say Yes
  8. All The Way
  9. Troubleshooter
  10. On The Run
Judas Priest - Point Of Entry
I really don't understand why the reputation of this album is worse than it really is, because if we are honest, then songs like "Solar Angels", "Desert Plains" and "Heading Out To The Highway" are among the absolute band highlights! Ok, the album partly has turned out to be rather poppy, but come on, that is PRIEST, too! And before "Painkiller" they had songs like that on almost every album!

Ok, maybe not on "British Steel"... Anyways, I have almost grown up with this album and I also love commercial songs like "Don't Go" or "You Say Yes". Especially "Turnin' Circles" was really big! The big difference when you compare JUDAS PRIEST 1981 with today is not the more kitsch, softer songs the problem - no, it is the fact that you can call these really (timeless) songs.

Nowadays the greyed gentlemen seem to have lost the feeling for timeless melodies or hooks. A few years later "Turbo" was released and everybody complained about the oh so commercial songs…snore!

The remastered version also contains two bonus tracks, an unreleased track titled "Thunderroad" and a live version of "Desert Plains". I cannot say anything about them as I have the old CBS version without bonus! (Online July 10, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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