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Creamstar - The 12th Of Never (6/10) - Finland - 2003

Genre: Pop Rock
Label: Poko Rekords
Playing time: 48:42
Band homepage: Creamstar


  1. Stand By Me
  2. Honey
  3. No Good On My Own
  4. Holidays & Yesterdays
  5. The 12th Of Never
  6. Out Of Here
  7. The Game
  8. When Love Is Over
  9. Pick You Up
  10. Smile & Fake It
  11. Hold On
  12. She
Creamstar - The 12th Of Never
This is a new 5 piece Finnish outfit fronted by a gorgeous woman named Hannah much in the vein of BLONDIE. This will surely drive every young blooded male crazy. The music is basically radio friendly Rock mixed with retro Pop ala the 80's and makes for some fun music. "Stand By Me" is one of the hardest tracks on the disc with odd keyboard work which reminds me of circus music. The riffs and drums and hard, but provide plenty of melody to keep the music light and fun.

So, how does Hannah's vocals stack up? They are very seductive which will make all males melt at the first listen. "Honey" tosses in some wicked guitar soloing, but doesn't wind up being any filler as the songs are quick and painless. What is a retro pop album with ballads...right? You get at least 5 ballads here while the rest of the disc are mid-tempos with some interesting keyboard work because I think they stand out the most as it provides some unique and odd atmosphere to the songs.

The band make a fine debut with their brand of Pop/Rock to the world of radio. I would say if you blended BLONDIE with THE CARDIGANS, then you would have CREAMSTAR. This is not LULLACRY or LACUNA COIL. This is light and fun Pop Rock for those of you who enjoy this and believe me there are a lot of Metalheads who have a guilty pleasure for this style of music. (Online July 13, 2003)

Joe Florez

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