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Breaker - Get Tough (10/10) - USA - 1987

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Auburn
Playing time: 40:12/68:30
Band homepage: -


    CD 1
  1. Lie To Me
  2. 10 Seconds In
  3. Get Tough
  4. Razor's Edge
  5. Obsession
  6. Blood Money
  7. Black And White
  8. Behind Enemy Lines
  9. Wait For The Night
  10. From The Heart
    CD 2
  11. Standing In The Light
  12. Action
  13. Caught In Love
  14. Still Life
  15. Touch Like Thunder
  16. Dead In Your Tracks
  17. The Hurt
  18. Cold Air
  19. All Or Nothing
  20. 10 Seconds In
  21. Walking The Wire
  22. Blood Money
  23. Afraid Of The Dark
  24. From The Heart
  25. Entering Twilight
  26. No More Cries
Breaker - Get Tough
It has taken 13 sheer endless years until American Auburn Records finally had mercy and released the most probably best Power Metal-album of all times on CD (OK, there once had been a bootleg-CD, but it was below par both in sound and optics).

In underground- and insider-circles BREAKER already are legend (even though they only have this one longplayer to offer), but a wider audience never really got into the band. Maybe because they never were interested in any trends, but continued their path with a consequence that almost bordered on stubbornness. Unfortunately the band split in 1991 and all hopes for a follow-up to this masterpiece were mercilessly shattered. Just for the re-release of "Get Tough", BREAKER reformed and performed a gig at this year's "Wacken Open Air" that was worthy of their status. Time will tell, what may follow...

Well, what should I write about "Get Tough" that every Metalian should have in his collection already? OK, I have a knack for getting too euphoric sometimes, but this time it is really opportune to contact "Rising Sun Mailorder" as soon as possible (as far as I know, there are some CDs still in stock) and get this piece of ultra-great US-Power Metal before this edition, which already is coming to a close, isn't available anymore.

You'll get ten immortal classics, which ooze brilliant and powerful riffs. All songs are very guitar-oriented and melodic, and add to that the original and variable vocals of Jim Hamar. Just listen to the highlight "10 Seconds In" and you'll agree that this piece alone is reason enough to buy this CD.

Unfortunately the bonus-CD "Get Toughter" with demo-tracks, single- and varied sampler-songs and live-pieces cannot satisfy completely (there are some really dry songs on it - "All Or Nothing" is really sub-zero), but still contains enough material worth listening to, like the uncompromising "Standing In The Light" or "Still Life", which would have deserved to be on "Get Tough", too. I for my part am more than glad to be able to put my vinyl-"Get Tough" into my shrine now.

Who doesn't get this gem of US-Metal may not wonder, if he's getting only getting derisive comments anymore. Anything else but 10 points would be a scandal!

Charly Kogler

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