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Finntroll - Visor Om Slutet (8,5/10) - Finland - 2003

Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Spinefarm
Playing time: 32:36
Band homepage: Finntroll


  1. Soujengen Sija
  2. Asf/aring;gelns Död
  3. Försvinn Du Som Lyser
  4. Veripuu
  5. Under Varje Rot Och Sten
  6. När Allt Blir Is
  7. Den Sista Runans Dans
  8. Rov
  9. Madon Laulu
  10. Svart Djup
  11. Avgrunden Öppnas
Finntroll - Visor Om Slutet
Having experienced enough adversity to cause any other band to call it quits, FINNTROLL have proven to all that they have no intentions of doing so. After losing their original vocalist (who is still a contributor to FINNTROLL), and finding a replacement in the form of Tapio Wilska, the band was dealt another severe blow when guitarist Teemu "Somnium" Raimoranta (to whom this album is dedicated) died this past winter. Perseverance has proven to be a trait possessed by FINTROLL, which is why they have decided to continue making the music that they, and their fans have come to know and love.

Amidst all of the troubles experienced by the band, a bright spot has emerged in the form of their latest release "Visor Om Slutet", a self-proclaimed "acoustic/experimental" EP. My anticipation for this release was very high, as I had thoroughly enjoyed 2001's "Jaktens Tid"; therefore, when I was finally fortunate enough to experience FINNTROLL's latest offering, I did so in shock and awe. The reason for feeling such sentiments was that this EP was 180° from "Jaktens Tid" (which was to be expected as it was meant to be "acoustic/experimental"); however, it was still undeniably FINNTROLL.v What we have here is a complete and flowing work of acoustic Folk Metal songs that is sure to please those expecting just that. The reason I say this is because those expecting a follow-up to "Jaktens Tid" full of thrashy Polka Metal will be disappointed, as there is no such material of this sort to be found on "Visor Om Slutet". Instead, we are left with an album that is just what it claims to be: acoustic, as well as experimental.

While the number of songs on this EP, as well as its length may seem surprising, do not be fooled, as this release is comprised of only four real songs, three instrumentals, two interludes, and a few surprises. However, "Visor Om Slutet" is without a doubt a complete listen, as the flow of the album, as well as the forest-like atmosphere (highlighted by the use of sound samples of frogs, birds and other forest sounds) is truly captivating. Now if this is not enough to intrigue you, I would like to mention that some of the actual songs found here are quite simply beautiful works of folk music that are sure to please, while those remaining are songs that truly maintain the spirit of FINNTROLL.

Finally, I will say that I highly recommend "Visor Om Slutet" to any who claim to be FINNTROLL fans, or fans of folk-inspired metal. Upon listening to this release, my eagerness and anticipation for their next full-length are definitely now on the rise. ALL HAIL THE TROLLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Online July 14, 2003)

Nathanaël Larochette

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