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Waco Jesus - Filth (6/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore
Label: Morbid Records
Playing time: 25:14
Band homepage: Waco Jesus


  1. Filth >mp3
  2. Blast You In The Face With My Semen Blast You In The Face With My Fist
  3. Punched You In The Cunt
  4. Blinded
  5. The Consequence Of Your Ignorance
  6. Sexual Assault
  7. Orgasm Is The Enemy
  8. Animosity
  9. I Hope He Beats You
  10. Fag Basher >mp3
Waco Jesus - Filth
The front cover of this album alone is enough for most of you to decide if this album is worth investigating or not as its disgusting photograph automatically tells you that this is going to be a brutal grinding affair. "Filth" is the second release from these American Grindsters who have a reputation for writing some of the most disgustingly sick and perverse lyrics and fitting them perfectly with their music and album artwork yet I for one feel that the production lacks a little sludge that would make the whole feel of the songs more ugly and extreme.

In general the music and the riffs are quite good as far as modern Death/Grind is concerned yet there is absolutely nothing here which really makes this band stand out with the obvious exception of their claim to fame as being the sickest of the sick. Each track sounds very similar to the last and the vocal style remains the pig like guttural that is frequently used by so many bands today. Yet WACO JESUS at least know where to draw the line as a running time any longer than the short 25 minutes would have made this album become dull.

For me there is little here worth noting and little which makes me want to give this any more spins than I already have as there is nothing here which I haven't heard better elsewhere. For fans of ANAL BLAST and other bands that rely on sick song titles this might be right up your street but for those who like good Grind then there is much better than this available. (Online July 15, 2003)

Niall Kennedy

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