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Green Carnation - Blessing In Disguise (10/10) - Norway - 2003

Genre: Metal
Label: Season Of Mist
Playing time: 56:21
Band homepage: Green Carnation


  1. Crushed To Dust
  2. Lullaby In Winter
  3. Writings On The Wall
  4. Into Deep
  5. The Boy In The Attic
  6. Two Seconds In Life
  7. Myron & Cole
  8. As Life Flows By
  9. Rain
Green Carnation - Blessing In Disguise
This truly blows me off, I would never have expected such a mega masterpiece from GREEN CARNATION. Their two previous albums both had been too bulky, even though the wealth in ideas did not leave me untouched. Especially their last epos "Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness" had been some heavy stuff (can't really agree, that album runs in like butter... - Alex) and only contained one song, which in turn had been 60 minutes long. The very special way of mastermind Tchort to process the death of his son.

On "Blessing In Disguise" there is not much bulkiness or superlong compositions left. Ok, many compositions are still around 6 to 7 minutes, but a lot better thought through, more mature - yes more grown up! It's been a long time that I had heard such a gripping album like "Blessing In Disguise". Almost all songs go under your skin, take you prisoner and make you addicted.

Starting with the slightly driving "Crushed To Dust", a song, where everything fits! Cool drive, melancholic aura, great middle part with grandiose Doom riff! But that is nothing compared to "Lullaby In Winter". This song cannot be put into words. Incredible! I cried! It cannot get any more haunting, emotional or moving! Here Tchort's liking for the sound of the Seventies is most prominent! Imagine PINK FLOYD in their best phase at the beginning of the Seventies jamming with ANATHEMA and what you will get is "Blessing In Disguise". The clean vocals of Tchort are divine and in the emo scene absolutely without competition.

Add to that many hammond sounds, strings, the atmosphere is opulent. The best thing is that there is not a single weak song. The choruses all are very catchy and drill directly into your long term memory. Also a big praise to the technically very proficient instrumental fraction! If you take into consideration that Tchort also works with the blasters of BLOOD RED THRONE and the devil's children CARPATHIAN FOREST, the high demand is more than flattening!

A genius! (Online July 18, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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