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Green Carnation - Blessing In Disguise (9/10) - Norway - 2003

Genre: Metal
Label: Season Of Mist
Playing time: 56:21
Band homepage: Green Carnation


  1. Crushed To Dust
  2. Lullaby In Winter
  3. Writings On The Wall
  4. Into Deep
  5. The Boy In The Attic
  6. Two Seconds In Life
  7. Myron & Cole
  8. As Life Flows By
  9. Rain
Green Carnation - Blessing In Disguise
GREEN CARNATION is a band that's having a big hype right now, who are loved by many, and that everyone is praising in magazines. And this is definitely normal, due to the high standard of their precedent released…. Their new album, "A Blessing In Disguise", should allow them to go one step further, and to please an even wider audience, far out from the boundaries of the Metal world.

Yes, it's not because it's Tchort - who spends most of his time playing in CARPATHIAN FOREST and BLOOD RED THRONE - who writes all the GREEN CARNATION tracks that it's a brutal band, far from that. In this band, Tchort expresses his more sensitive and delicate feelings (which is not pejorative), and composes very well done tracks, at the borders of Progressive, Melodic Rock, and Pop. You can also find sometimes some 'heavy' passages, but "A Blessing In Disguise" is in no way a violent album, and it will mostly be used to calm you down, and not to wake you up. All that to say that this is a very very good record! (Online September 29, 2003)

Thomas Bonnicel

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