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Illdisposed - Retro (7/10) - Denmark - 2000

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Diehard Music
Playing time: 51:49
Band homepage: Illdisposed


  1. Cromlech (Originally from Darkthrone)
  2. None Shall Defy (Originally from Infernäl Mäjesty)
  3. Reek Of Putrefaction (Originally from Carcass)
  4. Rapture (Originally from Paradise Lost)
  5. Nightmare (Originally from Venom)
  6. Gasping For Air (Originally from Autopsy)
  7. Open Casket (Originally from Death)
  8. Killed By Death (Originally from Motörhead)
  9. Out Of The Body (Originally from Pestilence)
  10. Intoxicated (Originally from Obituary)
  11. Beating Around The Bush (Originally from AC/DC)
Illdisposed - Retro
Seems to be "in" to praise your influences by covering them in your style, because almost at the same time Danish ILLDISPOSED and American SIX FEET UNDER are offering us albums of that style.

The roots of ILLDISPOSED apparently are more in the hefty Death Metal, enriched with a few classics of the Metal-history. So they are varying speed and also the (Death Metal-)vocal-styles, but all in all it still sounds very much like the Death Metal the Danes are already known for by now.

The most interesting ones are the less obvious choices, like PARADIST LOST's "Rapture", the brilliant "Killed By Death" of MOTÖRHEAD and "Beating Around The Bush" by the Rock-dinosaurs AC/DC, where the deep guitars and even deeper, evil-sounding vocals are giving the song a completely new hue. But the other songs are good, too, although in the end SIX FEET UNDER are the winners of this contest (see there, too).

So who wants to make a trip into the past of ILLDISPOSED and hear their influences in a Death Metal-wrapping, is right here.

Alexander Melzer

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