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Dog Fashion Disco - Committed To A Bright Future (8/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Indie Metal
Label: Spitfire
Playing time: 52:46
Band homepage: Dog Fashion Disco


  1. Love Song For A Witch
  2. Rapist Eyes
  3. Dr. Piranha
  4. Fetus On The Beat
  5. Worm In A Dog's Heart
  6. Plastic Surgeons
  7. Pogo The Clown
  8. Castaway
  9. Nude In The Wilderness
  10. The Acid Memoirs
  11. Déjà Vu
  12. Magical Band of Fools
  13. Scores For Porn
  14. Chin White
Dog Fashion Disco - Committed To A Bright Future
I want to hate this album. I want to break the fuckin' thing into a million, billion pieces. I want to hate it so much that it's driving me insane. Never ever before have I subjected my self to such utter nonsense and drivel. If you ever thought VENOM was bad then check out this lot. And while I am on one just check out the stupid fuckin' name. I want a Heavy Metal name! A name like IRON MAIDEN or MANOWAR. Good names. Strong names. Names that conjure up the spirit of Metal music. Just what in the world wide name of sports do DOG FASHION DISCO think they are doing by calling themselves such a completely stupid name? It's doing my head in. And let's not start on the image! Denim and leather! Denim and leather brings us all together. This lot should be in "Smash Hits" magazine.

However I cannot hate this album. The reason: its so damn catchy and contains elements of just about every type of music you could dream of! The bands name is unique as are the sounds. Songs such "Love Song For A Witch" and "Rapist Eyes" (a strong single contender but for the track name) are mad blast of pure Metal cut with major pop sensibilities making for a weird but highly entertaining listen. "Dr Piranha" opens from a blistering Thrash attack into Hardcore beats and then evolves into a brooding Metal stomper. There are leanings to MARILYN MANSON and an Industrial edge to "Fetus On The Beat". The swirling keyboard fills augmented with yet another strong Metal riff and the guttural bark of vocalist Todd Smith. Imagination is the key to this.

Fuelled by the influence of FAITH NO MORE DOG FASHION DISCO should and will appeal to those that don't judge a book by its proverbial cover. The band members are quite obviously insane but have a knack for writing colossal Heavy Metal tunes and combining with just about every other style of guitar based music out there.

"Committed To A Bright Future" is should really read committed to the nearest looney bin but then you wouldn't get to hear how original and manic this bunch are! And to prove it just listen to the "Grease" cover. (Online July 23, 2003)

Chris Doran

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