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Pelican - Untitled EP (-/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Instrumental Metal
Label: Hydra Head
Playing time: 29:27
Band homepage: Pelican


  1. Pulse
  2. Mammoth
  3. Forecast For Today
  4. The Woods
Pelican - Untitled EP
Everybody who knows Hydra Head knows that the staff is notoriously picky and most demo CDs they get are used as paperweights, portable mirrors, flying objects or simply general points of mockery, or so I've read. In that light these Chicago instrumentalists are already worthy of attention, wouldn't you say? "PELICAN's namesake is a weird, funny bird. We are confident the band will appeal to lovers of weird, funny birds and others interested in bizarre fauna". LOL, I love this band already! So, after reading the info I was more than eager to find out what their brand of Metal would sound like. In goes the CD…

…and down comes my jaw. Wow, this is slooow, and heavy, or Doom if you will. This is like the Metal version of GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR. Because just like GODSPEED this Illinois quartet can lift the listener to unparalleled heights with just subtle variations in their otherwise minimalist music. Man, this also reminds me of bands like OPETH, MY DYING BRIDE and AGALLOCH, not only because of their musical abilities but also the ability to keep the listener nailed to the chair in excitement. Sure there's repetitive riffs and the drummer isn't required to have a few extra limbs but they really do know how to play. The same riffs being chugged out over and over again create a hypnotic, but at the same time incredibly fascinating musical experience. Oddly enough I feel like giggling like a schoolgirl here cuz despite the heavy atmosphere this is just plain fun to listen to!

The only flaw that I can come up here is that there are only four tracks. I really REALLY hope they will be releasing a full-length soon for these four tracks only leave me craving for more and more PELICAN. Not to mention that if this is just a teaser, we are definitely in for one hell of a treat with the full-length! Alright, all I have to say anymore is that go buy this NOW because these guys really deserve your attention!

By the way, I really do like pelicans… (Online July 25, 2003)

Jari Huusko

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