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Graveworm - Engraved In Black (5,5/10) - Italy - 2003

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 41:59
Band homepage: Graveworm


  1. Dreaming Into Reality
  2. Legions Unleashed
  3. Renaissance In Blood
  4. Thorns Of Desolation
  5. Abhorrence
  6. Losing My Religion
  7. Drowned In Fear
  8. Beauty Of Malice
  9. Apparition Of Sorrow
Graveworm - Engraved In Black
Italy is the country that is now pumping out quality bands. GRAVEWORM is no different, but there are just a few snags. While this band utilizes all of the basic Black Metal ingredients: dark melodies, harsh and shrieking vocals, string arrangements, bombastic drums, haunting keyboards and Metallic guitars, its not highly original. The shrieks from the abyss of Stefan's stomach come off as a Dani Filth wanna be and the music structuring comes off like old DIMMU BORGIR.

They play their instruments well, but nothing that stands out or hasn't been done before. Furious drumbeats are sprinkled over the disc and sorrowful violins are inserted here, but not enough to make you want to say that they did something different to make them stand head and shoulders above the rest. The one thing that I will give them credit for is that they don't opt for the ultra long, drawn and quartered songs that everyone else does because they think that every note is superior to everything else. In the time they allow themselves to compose these songs, they do a good job and cram everything in that needs to be played in 5 minutes or less as opposed to everyone else.

The playing is a tad raw complemented with a slick production. This is not a terrible album. They are highly skilled in what they do, but just sort of drop the ball. They have potential and this is their fourth full length, I think time is running out for this band if they want to be more than just DIMMU OF FILTH clones. (Online December 9, 2003)

Joe Florez

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