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Gamma Ray - No World Order (9,5/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Sanctuary Records
Playing time: 51:58
Band homepage: Gamma Ray


  1. Induction
  2. Dethrone Tyranny
  3. The Heart Of The Unicorn
  4. Heaven Or Hell
  5. New World Order
  6. Damn The Machine
  7. Solid
  8. Fire Below
  9. Follow Me
  10. Eagle
  11. Lake Of Tears
Gamma Ray - No World Order
Wow! GAMMA RAY the seventh and again they've created a great album, which should appeal to all Metal-fans, not only die-hard GAMMA RAY-maniacs! The Gentlemen Hansen & Co. understand to develop from album to album, but still always remaining GAMMA RAY and nothing else, so also no "No World Order".

In comparison to "Power Plant" they've added a good bit of heaviness, but still sounds like pure GAMMA RAY. In times, where more and more bands follow the path that GAMMA RAY and their colleagues have opened, the Hamburg-based quartet leaves this path and adds a portion of New Wave of British Heavy Metal to their sound, which fits excellently. The beginning of "The Heart Of The Unicorn" features some PRIEST-ish rhythm-guitars and "Eagle" has got something of "Bullet Train", but these are only short sequences, GAMMA RAY are light years away from being a copycat in any way!

Overall they are more variable than ever, you'll get everything from speedy, bombastic crackers like the brilliant "Dethrone Tyranny" and "Solid" as well as the superb title-track, over the very heavy "The Heart Of The Unicorn", the more stomping "Damn The Machine" and "Follow Me", the almost rocking "Fire Below", the riff-monster "Eagle" up to the ballad "Lake Of Tears".

Add to that a great cover, which shows us the story behind the album. Like a colleague has written, a mixture of "Infinite" by STRATOVARIUS and "Brave New World" by IRON MAIDEN, just transplanted into the GAMMA RAY-world (Thanks, Horst :)), there's nothing I could add to that.

With "No World Order" GAMMA RAY have re-defined themselves, but still stayed the same, quite some feat to accomplish this so masterly. I've always been a great fan of GAMMA RAY and this album just confirms that again, BUY IT!

Alexander Melzer

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