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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - LIPID - Hagridden

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Lipid - Hagridden (9/10) - Denmark - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Copro Records
Playing time: 45:04
Band homepage: Lipid


  1. F.P.M.
  2. Cathartic Rage
  3. Hagridden
  4. Hostile Takeover
  5. Prevail Through Loss
  6. Like Father Like Son
  7. Horrorscope
  8. God We Have Slain
  9. Spontaneous Human Combustion
  10. Distrust
Lipid - Hagridden

Denmark has not been exactly known for their strong Death Metal roots (apart from early KONKHRA, ILLDISPOSED or also INIQUITY), but here we have a band that I never had heard of before, but which definitely sounds interesting: LIPID!

Why they sound interesting? Because they set ablaze a real fireworks of damn powerful Death Metal with some Thrash undertones, which takes you with it in a blink of an eye! Ok, this does not sound good enough yet? Then take brilliant melodies thrown in for good measure, like in leads or just the general riffing. Sounds like your thing now? See, now we're talking!

The intro "F.P.M." starts out with a tolling bell, then a violin with some keyboards, I know that I am often critical about these intros, but this one opens up very nicely before turning into the riff monster "Cathartic Rage", which sets to blow you away on the spot! Propelled by a relentless and tight rhythm section in form of Lasse Nicolaisen and Martin Hartlev Pedersen (those double bass nail you to the wall with almost frightening ease!) and with the monster riff machine of Jonas Kromann-Larsen (lead guitar) and Sören Hartlev Pedersen (also vocals) this song without exaggeration is among the best of this style that my ears have been treated with this year! And the following "Hagridden" shows no signs of slowing down and this super melodic lead is just brilliant, I tell you!

But LIPID do not break through all the way, but take out some heaviness and speed at times, but never for long and just enough to give you a chance to catch breath, because once you have done so, the intensity is back, putting you firmly into place again as "Prevail Through Loss" proves truly masterfully, great track! And "God We Have Slain" unleash the groovy mid tempo at us, but still with the LIPID-own power and intensity that also possesses the force to drive you into the back of your chair, no matter which material it is made from - several inches! And to close things off, "Distrust" brings us riffs mightier than the Himalayas, strong way to close an album!

The production courtesy of Jacob Hansen (INVOCATOR) is giving "Hagridden" the exact monstrous power it deserves and in turn also generates and the cover, unfortunately it does not state who was responsible for it, also very nicely rounds off a great CD, which is one of the strongest efforts out of Denmark in a while and should definitely please any fan of mighty powerful Death Metal with a bit of Thrash and great melodies still! (Online July 20, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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